It's all is darkest before de dawn

16, Brazillian, A fuga do "querer" até a "necessidade" é antes de mais nada prioridade. (Alcandorado : adj.
Colocado em lugar de elevada altura.)


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allegaint & frostymockingjay’s tumblr awards!
must be following us
reblog this until december 25th!
you can like for reference but of you only like you will not be entered
winners will be announced on december 27th
there will be 1-2 winners per category
it’d be nice if you were a fandom blog yeah
must reach at least 50 notes or else it’d be kind of sad
best url
best icon
best sidebar
best theme
best posts
best edits
noemie’s favorite
paige’s favorite
best overall
a follow back from both us if we’re not already following
promos when ever for the next week
next two for best overall
a link on our blogs for best over all
a page with all the winners the other categories on our blogs
a url from paige for paige’s favorite
url graphic for best overall and best url from paige
our love forever
happy holidays and get reblogging:)

by: 神之豆腐 | [LOL]小安妮~Annie~ | via [Pixiv]

T H E   P A N E M   A W A R D S
What is this?
The Panem Awards is an awarding thing where the winners get to be part of a network where we’ll be having parties and mini games like Quarter Quells! (but mostly we’ll just be crying about the hunger games together)
must be following avoxic and claflinn
reblog this to enter
must reach 100 notes (adding one winner every 100 notes) 
deadline is January 18, 2014
winners will be announced the weekend after that
The Hanging Tree Award ; best url
The Nightlock Award ; best theme
The Avox Award ; best posts
The Jabberjay Award ; best graphics
The Trackerjacker Award ; best gifs
The Sugarcube Award ; nicest blogger
The Mockingjay Award ; best overall
The Everlark Award ; Jade’s favourite
The Everthorne Award ; Lynette’s favourite
Victors of Panem:
you’ll be getting a home in the Victor’s Village
FRIENDS! (✿◠‿◠)
hopefully new followers
we’ll be doing top secret stuff in the private chat blog
If you have any questions regarding the awards, don’t hesitate to message us.
Happy reblogging (plus have a merry Christmas!) everyone!